About me

My name is Susan Bradborn, and I am a trauma informed counsellor. In my work I incorporate narrative therapy, person centred therapies and hold a Masters in creative arts therapies. I practice from rooms in Coburg  (Melbourne, Australia).

In my practice I specialise in historical and recent sexual assault with a strong focus on institutional abuse and sexual exploitation. I have two decades worth of experience in supporting individuals in both community settings, as well as private practice. Over this time, I have nurtured and developed an interest in relation to the value of working with creative arts therapies. I have found that the natural exploration and curiosity toward how we understand the world and express ourselves that we once possessed as children, can get lost or devalued in the transition to adulthood or disrupted by childhood trauma. What I have discovered through my own exploration and education is that arts based inquiry offers an opportunity for adults to reconnect with this natural exploration and curiosity, not bound by language or embedded in historical patterns of thought, but opening up possibility for new considerations and revised meaning making.

My professional experience includes working with men and women, from varying cultural and spiritual backgrounds, who have experienced:

  • institutional abuse
  • childhood and adult sexual assault
  • family violence
  • recent and historical grief and loss
  • life transitions (e.g. pregnancy, parenting, change of career)
  • trauma related impacts (e.g. anxiety, loss of sense of self, relationship issues)
  • unplanned pregnancies
  • workplace harassment and bullying
  • managing incidental life stressors

I have a Graduate Diploma of Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and a Masters of Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy from the Melbourne Institute of Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy.

I work from a feminist framework, establishing a safe physical and emotional environment, building trust and providing opportunity for a sense of control and autonomy to be experienced as I engage a collaborative, relational approach.